2-wire ethernet converter

Multiport function: 1 transmitter; send data and PoE to 4 receiver clients, Master to client mode (plug&play). Supports SIP-phones, access-points, computers and any other.

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  • Transmission speed up to 93Mbps
  • Multiport, 1 transmitter can control up to 4 receivers
  • PoE with up to 38 watts for every 4 total recipients
  • No software to configure, plug and play, plug runs.

Technical Information

  • Ethernet Port RJ45
  • Speed 10/100 Base T, half/full duplex, auto-negotiation
  • Coax Plug BNC, RG-59/U
  • Impedance 50 up to 100 Ohm
  • Max Cable lenght Coax 1500m, 2-wire 500m
  • Data Access: CSMA/CA und TDMA
  • Modulation: Windowed OFDM
  • Frequenzy: 1,8MHz bis 30MHz
  • Temperture -10 bis +50 C°
  • Datarate up to 93 Mbps
  • Multiport function: 1 transmitter send Data and PoE to 4 Receiver Clients, Master to Client Mode (Plug&Play)
  • IEEE 802.3 af/at Compliant PoE up to 38 Watt for all wantec 2wIP Ethernet clients
  • None Software used, Plug&Play
  • Supports SIP-Phones, Access-Points, Computer and any other
  • Size: 42x40x76mm
  • Optional:  Power supply


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2-wire ethernet converter