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Uilekot 1,

3210 Lubbeek

We are committed to unleashing the power of technologies to improve people’s lives with better communication, greater security and more convenience.

Pioneer of Smart Intercoms

Encompassing artificial intelligence, SIP, Android, Cloud, Security and other advanced technologies, we continuously drive breakthrough changes in the industry and creatively deliver an unrivaled portfolio of smart intercom products and solutions. They have been deployed and used daily in more than 80 countries and regions meeting customer needs in various vertical markets that range from residential to commercial, from healthcare to public safety.






Part of Star-net

Part of Star-net, a leading international ICT group, having access to the latest technologies in multiple fields.

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Global industry

Outstanding innovation capacity that enables us to impact the direction of the global intercom industry

High standards

High-standard quality control that meets the stringent requirements of high-end customers

Customer first

Excellent professional services with quick and all-out response to customers’ needs.

We strive to meet and/or exceed customer expectations.